So here you are to get out of the misperception of which can be the best headphone for you. Who doesn’t want a best headphone at a reasonable price as well.

Why choosing a headphone instead of earphones which are less expensive? Nowadays, Headphones are used in a large number.

Especially, Headphones are useful for music listening and editing. As compared to earphones, Headphones have more sound quality and are mostly wireless which means a Bluetooth headphone is the most preferred one which makes listening music very pleasuring and even a wired headphone can be chosen which is cheaper.

They are being useful in the growing economy world and are getting sold in large number. The use of headphones is getting rapidly important all over the world. Headphones are not only useful to listen music but also for purposes like call centers, used in music shows by judges, music production, sidewalks, used while jogging and for business purposes etc.

Headphones are the most important part of the sound system. There are some stylish and fashionable headphones or simple and comfortable headphones. All headphones are different in their brand, color, size, comfort, style, sound quality etc.

There was a time when headphones were ridiculously heavy which was not much cool which was in 80’s but now in the modern changing world the headphones are the coolest device which anyone can have actually.

Nowadays Headphones are coming up with the latest best technology and is more fashionable which brings out comfort in the people mentally as well as physically.

Now here you are to choose the best headphone under 200$. Of course you need the best one because all of your money you are spending for just one headphone.

There are different types of headphones which are ultimately wired, wireless and some with mic. Basically, the types of headphones are divided into three categories i.e. in-ear type, over-ear and on-ear type. So you can look below for some of the best preferred headphones until now with their merits and demerits as well as with their best specs of course.

Here are The Best Headphones Under 200$

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1. Sennheiser HD 598 Special Edition

These brands of headphones are the most preferred one in today’s world. Sennheiser brand private company have been commonly accepted since it was developed in the year 1945 and their headquarters are mostly in Germany, Hanover, Lower Saxony, Wedemark etc. These headphones have provided better service to the people and is still the best headphone ever. You can trust in their products provided. Sennheiser headphones guarantees good sound quality and last for a longer time. This headphone comes at the price of $294. It does not have a microphone and it was released in the year 2015 which became the most preferred headphone by the users. If you buy it online there is reduction in price and you save your lot of money and time. The additional features of it is that it has a headband and is over-ear type. As no one is perfect everything always has a negative point and so there are some Merits and Demerits also given below. Make sure to have a look on it and then choose.

  • Frivolous
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Contented
  • Cannot be carried easily
  • Sometimes can be irritating due to its large ear-cup

2. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

This is the other good headphone by sennheiser which is used mostly by everyone nowadays. It has given better functions until now and so is still choose by millions of people. It has the softest ear cups and is more comfortable one. It had some weak points in it which have been fixed now by the sennheiser employees as they don’t like to cheat on people and so they always give better services. It has the highest sound quality but comes at a little more price. It is worth for the price $349. It provides a microphone as well and is of over-ear type and has thin cable wire and even a headband of course.

  • Soft ear-cups
  • High Sound Quality
  • Include a Microphone
  • Has the same old style
  • Carrying it can be bulky
  • Headband can be sometimes irritating

3. Audio Technical ATH-M50x

This headphone is the professional headphone which are mostly used by professionals called as Professional Monitor Headphones. It is designed by top audio making engineers and has great sound quality as compared to others. It has its best style and has better colors which are provided by the M-Series Company. People salute to its clear sound quality. It comes up with detachable cables which are of good quality. It is the best selected for DJ, Music producers and even for personal use obviously. It comes at a price of $149.00 providing the best functions. It has been famous since it was developed which is even coming at a cheaper price.

  • Greatest Sound Quality Compared to Other Headphones
  • Best Design and Stylish
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Ear cups and Headband both are comfortable and soft.
  • Comes at a Cheaper Price
  • Made up of Plastic
  • Sound Frequency and isolation can be much better.

4. Bose SoundTrue Headphones II

And here is the other brand headphone which has won hearts since it existed. Bose Headphones are bought in by Bose Corporations which was founded in 1964 by Amar Bose and sells the best audio equipment for people. Their Headquarters are in U.S., Framingham, Massachusetts. These Headphones comes at price $149 which is lightweight and gives more comfort to the users. It is an over-ear type of headphone providing smooth sound quality and providing better facilities to the users. Bose comes first for sound equipment. Both its headband and ear cups are literally so soft which cannot be annoying at all. These headphones literally give pleasure to the individual. It contains a three-button remote and a microphone which can be very useful for the people working. They even provide a soft bag to keep the headphone secured.

  • Light and Comfortable
  • Easily Portable
  • Contains mic
  • Sound Quality can be improved.
  • More features should be added.

5. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro

These Headphones are literally different in its performance as compared to all other common headphones. Beyerdynamic headphones are developed by Beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. Kg which is the oldest private company founded in 1924. They specially design the audio equipment like earphones, headphones and wireless media. These headphones have also played a good role in sound system environment. Their working facility is absolutely excellent. They are extremely comfortable and comes in the best design and has the good one sound quality. It is an Around-ear type with a soft headband and ear cups as well. It comes at a price of $219 which is expensive enough but it is worth it.

  • Guarantee for long lasting
  • Special in Sound Quality
  • Soft Ear cups and Headbands
  • Too much expensive
  • Its functions can be more improved at so expensive price

6. AKG Acoustics K701

This headphone when launched had already excited lot of people. It provides the clear sound quality with a hard outing and with soft ear cups. People appreciate its build design and it is a little bulky which is coming for price $653. AKG Acoustics is a manufacturer company right from Austria which is well known for its audio equipment performances. They are good at providing the high specification headphones all over world. They are ruling since 1947. These headphones have played an excellent role and is providing better facility. It has soft ear cups but hard headband.

  • Soft cotton ear cups which gives pleasure
  • Lovely sound quality
  • Comfort level is at the top
  • Expectations might fulfill
  • Kind of Expensive
  • Mostly made up of plastic

7. V-Moda XS

These headphones are mostly famous for their trusted sound quality and guarantees for 5 years approximate. They are mostly on-ear and over-ear headphones which have soft ear cups and comes under more comfort zone.  V-Moda are best known for headphones who sells high quality headphones. It is tagged as Editor’s Choice. It comes at $180 which is cheaper and who also gives best quality and guarantee. They don’t pressurize your mind and body and provides more pleasure to the user. They are giving their best services and providing very excellent devices and so this headphone above mentioned is the most preferred choice of people. V-Moda was founded in the year 2004 by Joe Bucknall which is a private type pf company selling the best audio devices with greater facilities. It is best known for its performances. These are mostly preferred by Djs and music editors. This company is useful for everyone.

  • Slim and easy to handle
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Excellent Quality of Sound
  • Good Function
  • Noise Breakage which can be irritating
  • Causing Annoyance Sometimes

8. Beats Studio 2.0

Beats Studio 2.0 is developed by Beats Electronics in the year 2006 which is a subsidiary of Apple Co. and is founded by Dr. Dre. They are also known for best audio devices selling highest quality products but a little expensive. But even these can be your first choice as they are really worth it for your work or for any personal work. These headphones are basically wireless and are Bluetooth headphones which are classy and comfortable. They come at price of $379. They sound better and are more powerful. They keep on updating their products according to the preferences of customers. They are expensive headphones but are very powerful and excellent in working. People really like its functions.

  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Extremely strong and powerful
  • There is no passive mode
  • Functions can be more improved

9. Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X

These are lightweight headphones which are of open-air type offering a very good clear quality of sound.  They are newly designed and they keep on changing the design and function of it. They improve their functioning and always try to make the best headphone. It has a detachable adapter and provides soft and smooth ear cups. It comes at price $113. Still it has the same style so there is lack of fashion in these headphones but if you are looking according to the sound then it is very much good at it. Its weight is 9.35 oz.

  • Good built
  • Good Sound
  • Good Design
  • Comfort level is low
  • Sound Volume is not as expected

10. Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro

These headphones have the superior build quality and super sound quality as well. In these headphones every art of works so excellent that people die to buy it. It has given the best services to the customers until now. Everyone wants this headphone as it comes for less price and even functions well. So you can even select this headphone for your any purpose. It comes at price of $159. It carries more weight but provides the best sound quality and best sound volume. They came into existence in the year 1980s and have played a really good role in sound system. It has its best design and is good styled. It has soft ear cups obviously and a soft broad headband and is an open dynamic type of headphone. It is very much comfortable for the user and feels smooth while carrying and handling.

  • Durable
  • High Sound Quality
  • Good Comfort
  • Too loud Leakage
  • Becomes irritating and headache
  • No change in style and performance


 Here now it’s time to say goodbye. So now I hope you are out of the mess and have lots of options to choose best headphones under 200$.

Bluetooth headphones can also be the best choice for you because it is wireless and can be directly connected to other Bluetooth devices easily. Make sure to even go through the merits and demerits.

Having a best headphone at a low budget is very pleasuring. Everyone wants a lightweight and comfortable headphone also with good sound quality for it. Each headphone given above plays different role in their own way.

So keep calm and choose a one for you according to how you want exactly. Headphones have been so coolest device on earth. We feel so good to listen songs in those ear cups, feels like we are out of the present time.

All alone we can hear songs very clearly and can feel the music. Even earphones have good sound quality but headphones cover all of our ear and gives the highest sound quality where we feel the music very much clearly. All the above headphones are the most choose by people and have become common.

I hope this will be helpful for you to choose and get the best one headphone for you.


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